Factors That You Should Consider When Buying an Iontophoresis Machine


When you suffer from excessive sweating on your hands, you are recommended to hire the services of a doctor, who is conversant with Iontophoresis treatment. This is a treatment where the doctor uses an Iontophoresis machine, which is used to send small electric current through the water into your skin. The process helps to prevent the seat glands from producing excess sweat. This process is also used to treat sports injuries, and the process should be done regularly until the injury starts to heal. If feel making trips to see a doctor is much tiresome and time-consuming, you are recommended to purchase your personal hyperhidrosis machine. If you are a non-professional purchasing, the machine can be a daunting task. Here are some of the things that you should consider when sourcing for an Iontophoresis machine.


You will always want to continue with your treatment wherever you go. Some of the most common Iontophoresis machines are bulky, while others operate only at a given amount of voltage. Before you decide on buying iontophoresis machine you need to consider its portability. You will always want a machine that will fit in your backpack. There are some Iontophoresis machines in the recent era, which is very portable, they are designed to open to form two parts where one part resembles a tray where you are required to dip your hands or feet. The machine is very compact and is very convenient to carry when you are travelling.

Features of the machine

When sourcing for any machine, you will always want to purchase a machine that is user-friendly. Before you buy Iontophoresis machine, you need to consider its features. You need to consider the type of current that it uses either AC or DC. You should also check on the safety features, and this is to prevent you from getting electrocuted in case the machine develops some mechanical. The type of batteries the machine uses is another crucial thing you need to consider, and some Iontophoresis machine uses rechargeable batteries while others use disposable batteries. You should go for a machine that suits you. To get more ideas on how to choose the right Iontophoresis machine, go to http://www.ehow.com/how_4894472_rid-sweaty-hands.html .

Manufacturer Policy

Before you purchase Iontophoresis machine you require to check if the manufacturer has a return policy. This is where he gives you a limited period where you are required to return the machine in case you don't like the machine. You should also consider warranty, in case the machine develops some mechanical issues within the limited time you can still return the machine for the manufacturer to repair or replace it for you.